Review: Bedtime trainer

No I ‘m not reviewing someone who will come to your house and train your kids how to go to bed with no fuss and get up when you want them to. The bedtime trainer is in fact a clock. It has had a really postive effect on our house however and we are delighred with it. Look what it does

My little girl is 4, She knows to stay in bed until it’s morning but she could never quite work out when morning is so often at odd time s she would yell out IS  IT MORNING TIME?’ to which we would often yell back no. Bu the however the whole house was awake!  How annoying.

This Go Glow clock form Worlds Apart however gives the perfect solution to this problem. Basically you set it to night mode by pressing a button and the moon and the stars appear on the clock and it glows. A perfect night light. You then set the wake up time for whenver you want it and this will be the time the clock magically transforms. The night scene willl go away and the image will change to one of daytime.go glow clockWe had theWwinnie the Pooh clock and there are options of Cars. Princess and Thomas too. These reatil at £17.99

My daughetr adore this and happily waits for the right time to get up.

Peace at last.


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  1. November 22, 2011 / 7:17 am

    We have a similar one and it is brilliant!! These are really good for young children and my older ones quite like it too!

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