Review: A Visit to Cadbury World

I have wanted to visit Cadbury World for a long time.

It’s only about an hour away from our home and I’m not sure quite why we haven’t been before. It’s a busy time of year so when I was asked to review it I was slighlty unsure but we were tempted with the pantominme and a visit to Santa too so off we trooped with high expectations.

It was far more interesting than I had imagined it to be and really well done as an attraction. It’s enormous. We started off the tour by a man dressed as a dairy milk giving us 2 bars of chocolate each…what a way to welcome us in!

First we went into a forest with figures and throughout a story being told by little hologram figures on a stage. They were excellent. The story mapped the beginnings of chocolate and how it came to Europe and then to England. I found this fascinating but my kids lost interest quite quickly in this.

We heard a bit more about how Cadbury came to be in a 4d screening room and that was great fun, our bench juddered and clanked and air wisped by about legs. The story of Cadbury is fascinating, they were/are an innovative company who have big dreams and take really good care of their staff. An inspirational story.

cadbury world

There were lots of zone /areas to visit. My kids loved watching the wrapping packing and manufacturing by real workers. Annalise loved having her face painted. The advertising area was fascinating for me and J ,we kept saying ooh remember this and that. It is astonishing how long some of these chocolate bars have been out.

Our favourite old advert of course was the Phil Collins Gorilla! We think it was the origina.l

The children really enjoyed the interactive playzone and they shadow played bouncing balls, stamped on chocolate graphics and made them crumble had a statue made of themselves in chocolate and so much more!

Cadbury world review

There were rides, a chocolate shop, face painting and more we didn’t get around it all!

I think there is something for the whole family at Cadbury World and we loved it just as much as the the kids. The free chocolate we kept getting was a lovely treat and the shop was great too though not as heavily discounted as I had hoped (10p mars bars were just a dream.) We loved the chocolate tree!


I  think I expected a big pantomime production and it was no where near as glossy as it had been advertised.It was in a big tent and it was pretty am dram actually HOWEVER kids loved it as they always do !

The queue for Santa was 1 hour!!!!

1 hour!

We couldn’t possibly queue that long (as life is just too short and the kids too impatient) so I begged an elf to let me have the gifts anyway (they are included int he price after all!) and  we went and had a play on the rather fab play park there instead.


All in all a fab day out at Cadbury world.

Our family ticket would have cost £45.







  1. January 8, 2013 / 2:13 pm

    We live in chocolate smelling distance of Cadbury World (if the wind is in the right directon) My Eldest Daughter is currently there right now doing a job interview!
    I love your review (and I agree, 1 hour is WAY too long to wait to see Santa) They do a fantastic summer festival in June (often with chocolate for 10p, or it was last time I went)
    They really did look after their workers, many of the surrounding houses were built for them and are still owned by the trust. Now they have sold out to Kraft, that might change!
    Anne recently posted..The Invisible DisabilityMy Profile

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