Retro Style Record Player

I have been seeking a  new retro style record player for a long time. I love to browse the charity shops and often stumble along inexpensive vinyl that I just long to buy but my old record player was long past its best.

I have small and cherished selection of records, completely eclectic; from Broadway musicals to country music to Chopin which I just adore and have not been able to play for a long time.

I was absolutely delighted to be offered a Steepletone ‘Discgo’ Retro Style Round Record Player – it comes in both black and white and looks so cool!

I just adore the perspex hinged lid.


It is excellent value at £70 and has some super cool features.

  • 3 Speed 33/45/78 turntable (7″/10″/12″).
  • Flip stylus
  • Built in stereo and amplifier speakers.
  • Variable pitch control.
  • Aux in socket 3.5mm for use with external devices (bluetooth receiver, phones, MP3 player etc)
  • Subwoofer socket.
  • Headphone socket for private listening.
  • Auto stop switch with switchable override.

It works beautifully and the volume goes up high!  My last record player did not have built in speakers and always quiet and a bit tiny, this sound  is excellent. I had he best time yesterday getting reacquainted with my old records – they had me dancing around the kitchen.

records can be inexpensive and a fabulous way to relive your past and bring back delightful memoires – having a record player is a GOOD thing to do.

The Discgo was from the fabulous online store Liberty Trading  which sells a whole range of quirky gifts from fitness equipment to wall decor, clocks to jewellery. It is so worth having a browse prices are good and there really is something for everyone and lots of inventive and interesting ideas. How about an upside down wine glass. or a table tennis kit for your kitchen table?

I’m off back to my music!






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