Reduce Debt by Slashing your Food Bills

Today – Reduce Debt by Slashing your Food Bills
If you are heavily in debt, then it can be a struggle to pay for anything, but with food prices soaring, it’s even becoming difficult to cover the necessities. As the recession tightens its grip, it’s unsurprising that discount supermarket chains have become more and more popular as people look for ways to save money.

Reduce Debt by Slashing your Food Bills


Reduce Debt by Slashing your Food Bills

If you have a baby in the house, you’ll certainly have noticed that the weekly supermarket bill jumps up from those days when you lived on your own or just with your partner.
It’s not just food; it’s all those extra requirements like nappies, more washing powder, bottles and other feeding paraphernalia and foods like formula.
For most people, food is one of our biggest on-going expenditures in the monthly budget. But planning a budget really can help to cut how much you spend, especially if you are able to stick to the limits you set down in that budget.
With food prices rising, it really can be hard to make sure you get the right food on the table without going over budget. Fresh food has really become quite expensive. The temptation is to do without the fresh stuff, but then that’s not the healthy choice.



However, if you change to a cheaper supermarket, you will find that your money goes further. And often, the quality is the same. It’s more perception about quality because of the store appearance and the packaging. Even the main supermarkets offer basic ranges which work out a lot cheaper, and you just need to adopt a more savvy approach to shopping – looking out for the buy one get one free item.

Think differently – ways to reduce debt by slashing your food bills/

I like to think about my grandmas budget and how she would have tried all these options first


the anti shopping list

Similarly, seasonal fruit and veg and you’ll save money. Avoid things like strawberries and other summer fruits in the wintertime – unless you buy the frozen ones. Cook in bulk – doubling up recipes and freezing one. This way you spend less on using the oven and make economies of scale when cooking – buying bigger packs of food can save you money.
Reducing your household expenses is a step in the right direction if you are struggling with a small amount of debt, but you may need to seek professional debt if you are in severe debt and facing bankruptcy



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