Rear facing Car Seats from Cybex

Rear facing car seats were rare when my two were small but are increasingly more common due to their additional safety. Here are three beauties from Cybex.


Solution Q-Fix:
Based on the iconic design of the CYBEX Sirona, the Solution Q-Fix is a NEW addition to the award winning CYBEX PLATINUM family, which introduces features such as a new integrated 11 position adjustable height mechanism and additional safety cushions to reduce the force of a side-impact collision.

Autumn Gold Solution Q-Fix, £190 - Cybex

Aton Q:
The rear facing Aton Q car seat is the latest addition to the award winning CYBEX PLATINUM family – the premium collection which combines safety, mobility and iconic design – and offers a host of innovative new features including telescopic side-impact protection and a new 8 position height adjustable headrest.

Aton Q, £185 - CYBEX

Winner of the K+J Innovation Award 2012, the SIRONA, created by CYBEX, is a rear-facing child seat and along with other rear facing car seats reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80% when compared to a conventional forward-facing seat with harness system.

Sirona £375 - CYBEX

If you have any questions about rear facing car seats pop here for the answers.


What do you think about rear facing car seats I would love to know


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