Rachel’s Organic Yogurts – for your child (and you)

I like to review organic products and adore dairy so when those lovely people from Rachel’s Organic dairy offered to send me some products to test I almost munched their hand off!

rachel Organics

If you’re not familiar with Rachel’s- it’s now one of the leading premium organic dairy brands in the UK. Based in Aberystwyth, West Wales, they produce a wide range of award- winning organic yogurts, milk, butter, rice puddings, cream and crème frâiche.

 They promisded to send something for me as well as the kids (which is always pleasing!)

 They sent some items from their  Taste Explorers range, ideal for children aged 6 months and up.

 I have to say the Squeezies tubes were great fun for the kids and like the other yogurts in the taste explorers range  they were absolutely deliocus.We found these yogurts smooth, tasty and creamy and of a much higher quality of taste than most food for little ones.  Thats us and the kids 9we had to make sure they were okay for them!)

The organic low fat pouring yogurt was lovely over fresh fruit and a great milk/cream replacement  ( and locally sourced too!)  It sounds too good to eat doesn’t it?  The cocunt yogurt had bits of cocuneut in it tasted like a greek holiday buit was also a bit exotic for us and we decided it was lovely quirky but not us! The strawberry low fat yogurt ub the big (mummy) pot was THE BEST EVER I didnt let anyone else try it and woldfed the BIG pot in one go. Lovely lush yum yum yum!  

You can see the whole range of food  at www.rachelsorganic.co.uk. It is wellworth checking out the website they have lots of info re: kids and diet  and  they promise the following:

You can rest assured that all our children’s range contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made simply and with care, using delicious organic ingredients.

2 other big pluses for me …their yogurts are VEGGIE  friendly and they are a very ethical organisation in lots of ways (see their FAQ’s on their site) . Prices vary according to where you shop but are about average for a good brand name product.

A little something extra for you to check out is Mornings with Love, a new microsite by Rachel’s  Organic launched in line with their new range of pouring yogurts, in an attempt to get families up and active in the mornings this summer. Lots of the events are free of charge and so this is perfect for us budgeters as we approach the summer holidays for fun things to do as a family. Check  out mornings with love  it’ s a  fab website!



  1. Helen
    June 25, 2010 / 10:10 pm

    Rachel’s yoghurts are a HUGE favourite in our household. My children love the children’s versions and my partner and I fight over the raspberry ones. They probably cost more than the supermarket own brands but they taste great and I like their unashamedly green credentials. Give them a go!

  2. Becky
    June 30, 2010 / 10:59 pm

    I’d fight you forthe raspberry one too…!

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