Pssst dads…here is budget idea for Mother’s Day

Photos for mum

Photos make lovely, inexpensive gifts and they really just take a little effort.

Mums love to have beautiful photos of themselves and their children but very often they end up taking the photos. On Mother’s day let mum have a long pamper in the bath and get her glad rags on. Dress the kids up in their finest too and have someone take lots of lovely photos. You could even invite the neighbours in to take one of all of you….they don’t need to be professionally done but it is nice to have a few where you all look your best. Be sure you get these photos printed…a lovely gift for mum!

(Then you could all go out somewhere nice for a lovely cake!) And don’t forget Flowers! Here’s a coupon.

Another photo gift idea is to take a picture of the kids holding a picture / banner they have made saying we love you mum and popping this in a frame for her. This would be such a treasure.

This idea is from my latest ebook:

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