The Pros and Cons of Baths and Showers

The pros and cons of baths and showers

The pros and cons of baths and showers didn’t factor for me when I was small.

When I was a child we did not have a shower. Baths were reserved for Thursdays and Sundays. This was down to money and the cost of heating the water tank. I would bathe after my sister and the water was never clean and fresh for me.

How times have changed.

pros and cons of baths and showers

The pros and cons of baths and showers

Most people  these days do not have such hot water restrictions in the UK  and people tend to bathe or shower much more frequently than that!

I think there are both pros and cons for baths and showers and I think it all depends on what you want from you bathing experience.


The benefits of bath-time


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There are many benefits to bath-time however despite the rise in the popularity of showers. lets me tell you why I love a good bath.

  • You tend to stay in a bath longer than a shower and this enables your body to really relax in the water
  • Baths are a great place to read, if you have ever tried to read in a shower you would know that is a terrible idea!
  • Bath-time is a chance to really get your toes squeaky clean. I really struggle with this in the shower
  • Bathing feels like a lovely ritual  of winding down or getting ready and allows you to complet ly pamper yourself. You can multi task in a bath, with a face mask and your hair in a turban being deep conditioned, a glass of wine in your hand and the radio playing.

The benefits of showers



grohe-showers, pros and cons of baths and showers Grohe Showers


  •  A shower can be accessed quickly unlike a bath which can take a long time to fill.
  • Showers are more efficient at cleaning you as you are not bathing in dirty water but fresh water that runs away quickly
  • Showers are are really useful for washing your hair in, unlike baths where hair washing really doesn’t work
  • Showers are a much cheaper option. Moneystepper suggest switching from taking a bath to having a shower could save you over £250 a year.
  • You can save 100 litres of water each time you take a shower instead of a bath,which is clearly good for the environment.
  • Showers can make you feel invigorated instead of sleepy (as a bath can) so it can be a really good way to start the day

So now we have explored the pros and cons of baths and showers I think I still prefer a bath.

What’s your preference now we have weighed up the pros and cons of baths and showers?


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