Profile of a mummy inventor: Tilly Beazeley (the wean machine)

  Tilly Beazeley, mother and inventor of The Wean MachineTM


 Tilly Beazeley, inventor of The Wean Machine was born in the Cotswolds and bought up in a village just outside Bath. Tilly began her work life in Scotland and after the sudden death of her father she headed home.

Ambitious to start a long term career and with a desire to learn more about the development of pharmaceutical drugs, which may have prevented her father’s death, Tilly started her career within the healthcare industry.  As part of a Contract Research Organisation, Tilly started at the bottom of the ladder, working hard, listening and learning, she progressively worked through and up the ladder, to finally become Director of International Business Development for Premier Research.

 In the middle of this aggressive career path Tilly had her son, Ted. When Ted was 16 weeks old, the issue of weaning arose and this is when she came up with the idea of The Wean Machine. 

 As a single mother with high demands and having an  ‘every penny a prisoner’ ethos, the cost of baby food was never considered as the health aspects of providing great food was more important. Though the practicality of making small amounts of food was not always simple and with some restaurants no longer willing to heat up pre-pared food the frustration began to build.  That was the point that The Wean Machine was born. 

The Wean Machine saves time and money as there is no need to cook separate meals, simply take some of your own food and ‘squidge’.  Not only are you saving time and money, you are also able to waste less.  You are more like to ‘squidge’ a few left over through The Wean Machine than get out a large blender – the idea is to educate your children from the first stages of weaning to sit with the family and eat real food and to learn that snacks come from the fruit bowl.  The Wean Machine is not limited to babies – we use our Wean Machine to make fruit sauces, guacamole and all sorts of squidgetastic things. Ted who is now 8 loves to make banana sandwiches and I have been known to have a cocktail or two and great for spoiling Grandma with fruity facials!

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