Profile of a budgeting mum: Snaffles Mummy

What’s your name? Denise (Snaffles Mummy)

Any kids? Yes, 2

Do you work? Yes, 3 days a week

If so what do you do? I am a Legal Executive (Lawyer)

Why do you work? Becuase I have to. We need the money.

What are your childcare arrangements? To enable me to work I rely on nursery for my
youngest 2 days a week, my mum 1 day a week and an afterschool child minder for
my older son after school.

How do you manage for money? I am still on maternity leave and still not entirely
how or if we will survive when I go back. I cant afford to not work but equally
I am not sure I can afford petrol to work (£250-300 a month) and childcare
(£400) a month. What little I will have left after that makes me seriously
wonder if it is actually worth it.

Do you worry about money? Yes. There always seems to be something around the corner
needing money. There is never any money left over to save money for a rainy day.
We dont drink or smoke or go out at all so how and where we can cut back is a
mystery to me.

What do you waste money on? Nothing, there is no money left over to waste on

How do you make extra cash? I take part in NCT nearly new sales, I sell on ebay and
I hope and pray that I get offered paid posts or adverts on my blog.

Please share 3 top budgeting tips –

Visit NCT sales and use ebay for childrens clothing. I have bought many xmas gifts off
ebay. the children do not know or care that items are second hand or without

Buy gifts in advance when you see bargains.

Do not buy greetings cards or wrapping paper. Make your own.

Where can we find you online?


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