Profile of a Budgeting Mum – Caroline Job (Lunch Box Lady!)


Caroline Job

Hi, what’s your name? Caroline Job, aka the Lunch Box Lady

Any kids? 3 kids, all school aged

Do you work? FT/PT? Lunchbox World is what I do now full time. I used to work part-time on Lunchbox World and part time for an fmcg company… Got to the point where I could no longer do both, and juggle the kids and family home… So went full time on Lunchbox World…

caroline jobSuch gorgeous lunch bags !

Why do you work? I really want to create something that’ll help people – Lunchbox World’s aim is to help people put the FUN back into packed lunches by having everything on the one website… – the tips, the hints, lunch box ideas, news on new products, the shop – everything in the one place. So easy to get stuck in a rut with lunch boxes… We’re here to help!


What are your child care arrangements? I kind of muddle along and juggle… Lunchbox World has definitely proven it can fit around kids. Lunchbox World is all online, the shop is open 24/7, all the tips and hints are there, for busy women, whatever time of day. For me, so as long as I can get internet connection I’m fine. I have been spotted blogging and updating the website on a beach, whilst the kids swim and I’m working in the shade…! Never say never!

How do you manage for money? Luckily hubbie has a good job, but we have had our tough times, and as I try to grow the business, a lot of investment is required.

Do  you worry about money? Constantly! Like my Grandmother, I’m a bit of a worrier, so always on the look out for ways to be frugal. That’s where Lunchbox World comes in – you can save lots of money by taking a packed lunch or packing up a picnic on days out…

What do you waste money on? I genuinely don’t! I rarely throw out food, I recycle everything I can

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids? Ooh yes! Shopping for myself is a once in a blue moon affair! I tend to not spend for years, then binge… (well, it’s my kind of binging, so I might buy 2 pairs of shoes…)

How do you make extra cash? Blogging, attending press events, selling lunch boxes, bottles, lunch bags and picnic gear…

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. Instead of eating out on a day out, take a picnic, pack ice packs, take your cartons of drink and treats with you…

2. if buying the kids an ice cream, why not buy a multi-pack and share that rather than pay over the odds for each individual ice cream at an icecream van…

3. make good use of your freezer. Use up your leftovers for lunch the next day, buy meat when on offer and freeze until you need it… Keep a stock of frozen yoghurt and cartons – perfect for popping in that lunch box – double up as an icepack as well as part of your lunch! 

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365 Lunch Box Ideas : – every post a new lunch box idea…

Oh and we’ve just started up the My Lunch Box Linky on the Lunchbox World blog, so if you’ve got a lunch to share, do join in…

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Caroline share her budgeting tips for a lunch box here


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