Profile of a budgeting mum Liz Burton AKA MissieLizzieb

Profile of a budgeting mum

Hi, what’s your name? Liz Burton aka missielizzieb on Twitter which is where I spend most of my time!

budgeting mum Liz Burton


Any kids? One daughter aged 4 going on 14.

Do you work? FT/PT? I’m a stay-at-home mum.

If you don’t work why don’t you?  I may go back to work once my daughter starts school in September, but for now I enjoy being here for her plus the costs of childcare make working non-viable for me.

What are your child care arrangements?  She currently attends a local nursery 2 days a week.

How do you manage for money? My partner has a good job so we’re lucky that we’re fairly secure.  But I’m conscious that things can change in an instant.

Do you worry about money? I do, we don’t save nearly as much as we should.

What do you waste money on? I’m getting better but we used to spend a lot of money eating out and on takeaways.

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids? It’s meant we’ve had to buy a bigger house which has stretched us further financially.  As I’m no longer earning a salary I’ve had to reduce my personal spending and I like to ‘earn’ a little money for myself.

How do you make extra cash?  I earn a small amount through my blogging by taking sponsored posts.  I’ve also turned some of our unwanted items into cash by selling them on.

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. I always try to buy second-hand where I can, whether that be clothing; household items or kids toys and books.  As well as saving money, it’s a more environmentally friendly way to live.  I share my preloved finds on my weekly blog link-up called Magpie Monday and encourage others to do likewise.

2. Cooking from scratch is so much cheaper than buying ready meals.  It’s healthier too and allows you to keep an eye on salt/sugar and fat intake.

3. Never pay full price for something.  Whether you shop around, use special offers, coupons or discount codes with a little bit of effort you can get a better deal on most things you purchase.


Thanks so much Liz

You can find Liz on her fabulous blog me and my shadow which is creative, crafty, money saving, funny and rather special. Fllow her on twitter @missielizzieb




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  1. Rainbow Prams
    May 15, 2012 / 11:43 am

    Many thanks, will certainly follow! We could all use some money saving tips! x

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