Profile of a Budgeting Mum: Laura Nelson

Hi, what’s your name?

Any kids?
Yes, a little boy.

Do you work? FT/PT?
I work full time.

Why do you work?
I work full time because I need to pay my bills plus I like the extra money to use for savings and treats for the family.


What are your child care arrangements?
I’m very lucky in that my other half gets to work from home so we manage childcare this way which saves us a lot of money.

How do you manage for money?
I’m lucky in that I get paid an excellent wage for the work I do and that I can save money away for a rainy day as well as treat my family to holidays, days out and the odd little treat.

Do you worry about money?
I do worry about money in the sense that I may not have as much as I would like if my job was to be ever made redundant within the current economic climate. I have already suffered one redudancy and to have another would devastate me.

What do you waste money on?
I have to admit I waste a lot of money on my son. I see something cute and at such a good price I just can’t help but buy it for him. I know he doesn’t need anymore toys/ clothes etc so I should really stop buying them.

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids?
Yes major changes. Before I had my son I would often spend until I was into my over draft and would be struggling to budget and pay my bills. When I was pregnant it was the shake up I needed to get my money in order. I have no overdraft now which I am proud to say, I manage to save quite a lot each month, I find the best deals I can before commiting to household bills (gas/ electricity etc) and I keep a strict spreadsheet of my spending so I know my budget and when each bill should be paid each month. All of this allows me to monitor my accounts efficiently online so that if any unknown payment is taken I can always query it straight away with the bank.

How do you make extra cash?
I’m lucky in that I do not need to make extra cash however to try and save money I shop around religiously before committing to buying anything major for example food, household bills, car insurance, christmas and birthday presents, mortgage etc.

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. Shop around and haggle if you can before commiting to a purchase.

2. Shopping online can earn you extra money from cashback sites and points from different savings sites so money for nothing really.

3. Think before you buy – “Do I really need this?”


A little bit about my blog:
I’m Laura a full time working mummy to my cheeky son Logan. I write about my experiences with breastfeeding and being a young mum. You can also find fab product reviews on my blog along with giveaways and competitions. I blog over at  The Breastest News

Thank you Laura!


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