Profile of a Budgeting mum: Jenny Endean

Hi, what’s your name?  Jenny Endean


Any kids? A beautiful 3 month old baby girl called Eva.


Do you work? FT/PT?  I work full time but am on maternity leave at the moment


Why do you work? I love the buzz of a busy London office, organizing events and conferences. It keeps my brain active, I’m constantly learning and of course the money is essential.

What are your childcare arrangements? At the moment I’m at home full time with Eva. We also have two sets of extremely supportive grandparents who help out when my husband and I fancy a little us time.      

How do you manage for money? Money is very tight month to month, and the expense of a becoming a mum for the first time has definitely taken it’s toll, but my husband and I try to maintain a responsible approach to money, which definitely helps get us through.

Do you worry about money? Yes, it’s a daily consideration and completely impacts my spending decisions. I look forward to a time when I don’t have to tally up the shopping as it’s going in the trolley.

What do you waste money on?  Mainly food. I often try to buy fresh fruit & veg but more often than not life takes over and I find I just don’t have the time to use everything. There’s a lesson in there for me somewhere!

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids? Yes, we spend much less on us. Less meals out, less clothes, less everything. But we don’t mind, having enough to keep us afloat is much more important to us now than the nights out.                            

 How do you make extra cash? A few years ago I studied flower arranging, so from time to time I make flower displays for people for a little extra money, but this is rather seasonal.                            

 Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. Don’t buy absolutely everything you see in the baby shops before the baby arrives.  I bought a pillow for breastfeeding which cost a packet but only used it once as it’s not very comfortable at all.

2. Use discount codes! If you do shop online you can nearly always save money using a voucher and these days there seem to be a lot more in-store vouchers popping up.

3. If you’re normally quite an impulse buyer like me then make sure you use the 3 day rule. If you want something, wait 3 days, if you still want it, go get it. 99% of the time the temptation would have passed and that’s money in the bank!


Jen is a money saving mum from Essex, who shares her frugal & thrifty ways, plus lots of fab voucher codes over on the Discount Coder Blog

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