Pregnancy Yoga: 3 complete, free, online workout videos

I have done quite a bit of work with Philips Avent this year and they really do produce some brilliant information for new and pregnant mums.Earlier this year I made a finance video with them sharing lots of tips and tricks. This time they have realeased a brilliant series of yoga videos covering warm up, the main sessions and the wind down (relaxation.) Now you can yoga in the warmth and comfort of your home when you feel like.

Now thats going to save you some cash. If you want some companianship you can always invite over a few friends for a weekly meet up and do this togather. Pounds saved in pregnancy are so cherished later!


(Do check with your health provider that exercsing like this in your pregnancy is right for you and your health, everyone is different! Baby budgeting accepts no responsibility if you in anyway harm yourself doing these exercises or indeed if you have a little snooze afterwards!)


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