Precious gift ideas

Personalised and precious gift ideas

Are you looking for precious gift ideas

Over at I have found some brilliant gift items that can be customised.

We have a couple of very special birthdays coming up this year and a very special wedding too and I have been racking my brains thinking about gift ideas that will knock their socks off. I think it would be very cute to make a few really personalised gifts.

When it comes to buying a present that is really special you really don’t have to spend a fortune  – instead, I think you need to be thoughtful and get a gift that is unique and meaningful instead. This way you don’t have to spend too much but the present will be a very special one that is really valued. Here are a couple of gift ideas I have been thinking of.


Bespoke Bags

I once had a bag, a tote bag with a drawing my little boy had done on it. Oh, I loved that bag just so much and I kept it for years. Hello Print enable you to print photos onto a variety of products including tote canvas bags. I think a family photo or a special message would be amazing and just so heartwarming!  I also love how eco-friendly this gift is and practical. I really do like to buy people items they will use and that will last the distance.

Other lovely ideas that can be personalised.

I am rather loving the idea of a personalised apron too for a family member who loves to cook it would be very cute. I also rather like the idea of a personalised Umbrella. I ‘d like one with my name on personally as everybody seems to pinch my umbrellas! And for my niece who is off to uni and will be sharing student accommodation I think a personalised mug with her photo on would mean it never got ‘lost’ or commandeered by another student. It would make an ideal gift. For a little boy a personalised teddy or trainset would be super cute.

Handmade gifts

When budgets are really tight a handmade gift is always a lovely option too. A handmade gift can be one of the most precious gifts someone receives especially if has been created with love and thoughtfulness.

My babies received a number of handmade gifts when they were born that wee just so meaningful. My father in law painted up my husband’s old train to make it shiny and new, I wrote them each a secret song and my mum’s best friend Ruby knitted Annalise a baby cardigan in every colour when she was born, one for each day of the week. Honestly the best baby gifts in the world.



“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” Eleanor Roosevelt


I hope you have been inspired by these gorgeous personalised gift ideas. I’d love to know – what’s the most precious gift ideas you have ever received?


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