Pre-loved versus second-hand

 Pre-loved versus second-hand ?

Mindset is everything when it comes to purchasing second hand goods. Using terms such a pre loved and vintage change considerably how we feel about something ‘second hand.’

vintage pram

Photo Credit: Slightly Everything


I think it is exciting that an object has a history that it has been lovingly taken care of and may have a story to tell. If you find this difficult think about this instead, if the object had belonged to a friend you would probably not think twice about giving it a good wash and happily using would you? 

Well it’s just the same.

We live in a throwaway society yet our Earth needs us to be keepers now, to take care of her and of our possessions so we don’t keep draining her resources.

Buying pre loved (or second hand/vintage/retro is a great start and a fabulous way to thrift. Keep an open mind and try something new.


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