Older ladies get treated best

Older ladies get treated best

Mr.Kipling have just unveiled quite a surprising survey; 1 in 3 woman aged 55+ received unexpected treats from their loved ones compared to 1in 4 women aged 18-43.

I think that’s brilliant ! Apparently older Brits are showing the youngsters how it is done.

Other aspects of the treat survey revealed that men said they liked money as a treat most (how unromantic!) wgheras 50% of women said they were quite happy to receive a simple hug.  And it really doesn’tmatter that we are living in frugal times as compliments and cheerful bunches of flowers are well recieved too.

Planted Rose Jug

Mr. Kipling are doing their bit to spread some happiness themselves this Spring and they are touring the country with a cakemobile, a touring bus which dispenses the new Mr Kipling snap pack for free.The snap pack cake come in lemon slice pineapple slice and angel slice – YUM!

angel slices

Lovely Mr.Kipling sent me some cake, a bouquet of flowers to surprise a friend and a voucher for a day out (we are off to Alton Towers on the next inset day!) Thank you Mr. K, oh and buy the way – we loved your angel cake.

A hug for you x



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  1. April 11, 2012 / 3:48 pm

    Oh how sweet, this means I’ve only got a year to go until I start getting more treats from the OH! I’m talking about being over 43 not 55 🙂 Enjoy your day out at Alton Towers, the children will love it x

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