A Poundland Christmas Surprise

At Poundland Christmas really can be created on a budget. take a look…

The other day whilst my daughter was at school I Christmas-ed her bedroom with some Poundland goodies. Now her bedroom is teeny tiny so I went for the less is more approach.  Her favourite colour is purple and Poundland have some gorgeous purple and teal decorations this year and they sent me some to decorate with.

Here’s what I did….;

Her rocking horse got her own glitzy bow…


Her bookcase got a little makeover too …


and her mini Christmas tree got blinged…


Her little face lit up when she saw her room and she was thrilled

Christmas really does not have to cost a fortune and just because  you buy stuff cheap doesn’t mean it still has to look cheap. I love this chic and coordinated look from Poundland. You really can Christmas up a room nicely for just a few pounds.

i think it is importnat children come to really love their bedrooms and enjoy keeping them nice so I always try and make a n effort for my kids and encourage them to come up with good ideas too for how their room can be improved.






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