My Kodak Moment of the Day (and an amazing competition)

Kodak Alaris challenged me to share my Kodak moment of the day. It was a great challenge. It really made me look and think what really moved me most about what I was seeing.It made me pause and observe. I was looking for the moment that moved me.

Well this was without doubt my outstanding Kodak moment of the day yesterday.


As a child I always wanted a little family of my own one day. Mostly we go about day to day without pausing to think about life too much but sometimes I  just stop and look with wonder and delight and the children I have and am just so overwhelmed with how lucky I have been. Photos of my children doing simple things that capture their days are so precious to me.

So t his is my Kodak moment of the day and it shows my daughter posting her letter to Santa. She is 7 and just so  full of the magic of Christmas. I love it. She wished for lots of Lego, lots of chocolate, new books oh and would he do something nice for poor children too please. She’s a lovely girl. Her gorgeous brother is still contemplating his list …he wants to get it just right. They are quite a pair.

I don’t think we are going to have too many more of these posting a letter to Santa moments, so it was lovely to capture this one.

The competition

This is my #KodakMoment entry  into a really  amazing competition. All you have to do is share your KODAK MOMENT and you could WIN a £2000 holiday voucher to experience some more. Plus Kodak  Alaris are giving away an iPad Air every month for the most popular KODAK.MOMENT. How fab is that!

If you pop over to Kodak Alaris you can enter this amazing competition yourself. Some photos really are just treasures aren’t they. This one is a keeper for sure.

What’s been your Kodak moment today?



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