Polarn O Pyret : Superbly Stripy

Okay I can’t pronounce it either. However…

I am absolutely loving this new clothes site that I have found. It is full of stripy classic and quality clothes. The boys clothes from Polarn O Pyret    are particular nice full of colour and character

This goes up to age £12 and costs just £6. I think it ‘s gorgeous!

Polarn O Pyret  base their clothes around a philosophy I share when it comes to kids fashion: children need clothes they can play in. Clothes that let children be children. They say that this means good-looking clothes that make life easier, ones that withstand wear and tear and can be handed down from brother to sister across gender and the years.  They pride themselves on being classical contemporary and doing the best stripe ever. I love that they sell unisex clothes too.

Not only do they sell tops and trousers but their is a range of underwear and out door clothing to from baby age up to twlwve oh and a rather smart maternity range too.

Their prices are very reasonable for quality clothes and they have a really estblished business 110 store sthrough Sweden and Europe. Their online deals are well worth a look. I’m quite liking these too

which retail at £11 and this gorgeous Safari tunic top from their girl’s range


Lovely clothes , definately different and they look great quality.


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