Buzzing, Bouncing and Brimful of Ideas

I have never been one to wait for life to happen, I’m a go get ’em kind of girl.

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I recently wrote an  new ebook and in order to promote it found the Guardian money editor on twitter and just pitched her. It worked and we were featured online the next week. Fortune favours the bold and all that. I am confident and creative and enthusiastic. These are great assets and I am pleased I have them. I don’t mean that to sound cocky. I am rubbish at MANY things I can’t even work my TV the kids have to do it.  I have never driven: on a mototrway, a ringroad, or in a manual car. I have no clue with Instagram or changing a plug and I have NO sense of direction. I am also  a very VERY basic cook and have you ever clocked that I write far too quicky to spell well!  So yes I do ‘big up ‘ what I’m good at’ – I think  everyone should!

Sometimes though I am a bit ‘too good’ at having new ideas.

At the moment I have lots and lots and lots of ideas for ways to make my business grow, do you? I want to write a book about this and about that, go more down one route and develop a brand new interest area. My head is buzzing with ideas. But I already have 4 1/3 websites! I know if my mum was here she would say give one up to develop a new one, don’t overload yourself. But I hate giving things up!! But I have SO many ideas….. if only days were longer.

I have had some mentoring this year off the fabulous Helen Lindop at Business Plus Baby  when I had  had lost my business mojo. She really helped me reinvest in my work and motivated me to try new things. I think maybe she was too good at mentoring for now  I am literally bursting with ideas.

All last night my head was bussing bursting brimful of ideas and I really want to get started  this morning…and yet it is the first day of the summer holidays and I  have vowed to be ever present for my kids. and I want that.  Just maintaing my current work will take up all the bits of time I can sneak in.

So what do I do ? Do I shelve my latest idea till September?

No I will get up 1 hour earlier each morning (that’ll make it 5.30!!) and get it down (oh and yes, I’ll consider dropping something along the way (just no idea what!)

No wonder I drink a lot of coffee.



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  1. July 24, 2012 / 12:22 am

    Wow! I really admire your enthusiasm 🙂 I’m also a real ideas gal, I think I probably think of a new company/business idea every week! It can be exhausting but also very rewarding…. and I am totally with you about fortune favouring the bold! Can’t wait to hear about all your new ideas. Really admire you getting up an hour earlier, I could do with taking a leaf out of your book! But I won’t be 😉

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