Playing with Stilts

Hawkins Bazaar sell a whole host of unusual gifts that are lots of fun for all the family.


These stilts from Hawkins bazaar cost £25 and are for kids age 6+ and are adjustable in size. Now stilts are certainly not a gift my children have been given over the years and I did wonder for a moment if they would be too ‘old fashioned’ or maybe a tad boring for them in this electronics dominated age.


I really should not have worried. Playing with stilts turned out to be the big hit of half term with my daughter showing a tenacity for learning a new skill that I have not seen before. Really she just kept getting up and getting on each time she stumbled. What  great life lesson right there.


The thrill when she managed her first step was fabulous to see and now she is up to about 5. This is going to take some patience but really it is helping her develop it and she is having great fun in the process.


Check out these pictures of her in action! ( I would advise a bike hat and knee and elbow pads too plus somewhere soft to land!) Sorry the pictures are so dark she would insist on trying no matter what the weather!

I think the 5 main benefits to playing with stilts are:

1) They are adjustable so can grow with your child

2) As skills develop new tricks can be learnt (going backward, turning round etc.) which holds interest.

3) No batteries or extra expensive required

4) It will build up a child’s physical strength

5) It will encourage their patience, resilience and determination…character building!


Playing with stilts

I will be buying these as a joint gift for my nephews at Christmas. Such a classic but also unusual toy.




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