How to make monster savings on life insurance

I always thought comparison sites in relation to life insurance and the like were ‘much of a muchness.’ I thought you pretty much ended up with the same options and that it did not really make much of a difference which one you used. Needless to say I have almost always used the ones that I see advertised the most because they are foremost in my mind.

I have had my eyes opened this week.

There are MONSTER savings on life insurance to be had!

I was encourage d to put the exact same life insurance details in for a quote from Compare the Market and Cavendish Online  (which I have never used before.) I went for a 40 year term and for insurance worth 138k on both.




So despite putting in the EXACT same details there is £5.74 difference per month between the two best quotes.


£5.74 x 12 is £68.88 saved over a year!

Cavendish Online challenged me to make them a mascot with craft items bought from the difference between the two quotes. £5.74 is quite a difference, but only a small amount to spend on advertising!

The reason Cavendish Online is much cheaper than their comparative site competitors is because of that. They really don’t spend millions advertising and instead are able to offer really good deals. Other sites spend tens of millions of pounds on advertising and mascots like meerkats and robots.

We are thrifty bloggers and have a much, much lower marketing budget 😉


I set my little advertising assistant to work helping me dream up a mascot.


It didn’t take her long to dream up a great idea that captures the monster savings you get at Cavendish Online.


I have to say we had loads of fun making our monster and have loads of craft stuff left over! A 5.74 saving is not to be sniffed at. It’s really important to have life insurance and to keep our love ones protected and its really important to to be smart with our money.

It is refreshing to find a company like Cavendish Online who don’t spend millions on their advertising so they can offer better deals instead. Cavendish Online are recommended by Which? and have been Money Saving Experts top pick for the past 10 years!

You can follow @CavendishOnline on Twitter and the #MakeAMascot hashtag to see what other fabulous homemade mascots have been made!

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