Review: Philips AirFryer

Philips sent me an AirFryer to review. I had never heard of an AirFryer so let me fill you in just in case it’s new to you too.

Here is the science bit……

The Philips AirFryer is a revolution in home cooking that doesn’t require oil in the cooking process, allowing you to fry a variety of tasty meals which are simple, healthy and fast.The AirFryer’s secret is its patented Rapid Air technology which combines fast-circulating hot air with a grill to create fries with up to 80% less fat, yet which still have superior taste.

Which to me translates as real CHIPS that are healthy too!

We ate proper deep fried chips all the time when  was a kid (accounts for a lot that does) and I have to say oven chips never really tate the same to me. I was very excited by the airfryer!  It’s a mighty fine sleek looking machine.


My mission was to make quiches (oh no I thought I have to make pastry!) and jacket wedges for my kids then have them judge my cooking. Alrighty then. bring it on.(I was cactually quaking a bit cooking is not really my ‘thing’. But I wanted to earn this badge so…..

Well as it normally goes in my house there were mishaps and rebellion from the start. The kids refused to entretain the idea of quiches so |I shelved that for another day when i had a more willing audience and I set to work on jacket wedges. So easy.

Here’s  what you need..

4 large potatoes and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

and here is what you do..

Preheat the dryer to 200c

wash and peel the potatoes

cut in half then into about 8 wedges

Pour the oil in a freezer bag, add the wedges and shake so all are coated

Place the wedges in the basket and slide it into the airfryer and bake for 20 mins, shaking half way throug

Remove when golden brown on outside and soft in the middle

Okay are you ready…


Now my son who loves chips and potatoes of all kinds decided that jacket wedges were something he didntlike and refused to try even one (even though I explained they were EXACTLY the same as chips he would not) even a beano bribe did not work! He is so  stubborn. His loss!

Me and my daughter devoured them and she gave them a resounding

Bless her. She deserves that crown she really does. She thought they were ‘very nice mummy’  it would nt do on master chef but it will do me.

I also would have given them a 9 really tasty easy to cook. great stuff.

I have just joined Slimming World and the airfyer will be a great aid as it cooks in such little or even no fat. If it makes me slim I will be back to give it  a 10.

I popped some quorn escalopes in it the other day which said thwey could be cooked in oil on th ehob. The y tasted much better than usual ( no oil that’s why!) I do like this air fryer!


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