Perfect hand designed gifts by your child.

When it comes to school fundraising projects for Christmas or other occasions FunMats is a brilliant thing to do. It’s easy to organise. They send you everything you need, including a special drawing sheet for each child.

Your school gets all the children to do a drawing and then parents get the chance to order good value products featuring that drawing – from placemats and coasters, to glass kitchen boards, message pads, art prints, bags and T shirts.

Everything is made in the UK and FunMats is risk free, because the company guarantees that no school can lose money.  There is no minimum order or obligation to buy, every sale makes a profit for the school.

We tried this out and the kids had great fun doing this little drawings on the paper provided. They made a bag and a glass chopping board and they both look super. The quality of both items is of a high standard.


fun mats

Have a look for yourselves at FunMats to see all the lovely products available and do think about this next time your school want to fund raise. Everyone loves handmade  and designed gifts, especially when kids make them.


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