The perfect den

My children have always loved building dens..sometimes they have draped sheets over washing lines, sometimes they have simply hidden under the table and pulled the table cloth down to create their space. They have been doing this since they were tiny and I think they like the privacy and cosiness of a den and the fact that grown ups can’t go in because they are too big.

It is their own space to plot and giggle and read and hide and play.


My daughter is 7 and still likes to make dens with her friends  this is her latest creation made from chairs, duvets, blankets and a few boxes. It has completely took over our lounge and as I type Lisi and her friend are sat inside munching Maltese and chatting about apples?? As you do.

They are very proud of their den and want their beans on toast in there too. I am not sure about that!

According to my kids this is what make s the perfect den…

The perfect den has to be comfy and cosy, you need to be able to hide in it, have enough room to stretch out in it and you have to be sure its not going to cave in and collapse on you! It also needs to be small enough so that parents can’t sneak in and have a little nap when you aren’t looking.

I like that kids have been building dens forever, they don’t involve screens and they do involve creativity.

Long live den building I say!

If your kids like a bit of a den building there is an awesome comp on at the moment from Philips..instructions below and some lovely prizes!

• 1st place – x1 “Ultimate den building pack” (4 x luminaire, tips and tricks pack and den building materials)
• 10 x 2nd place – 1 Mini den building packs (1 x luminaire and tips and tricks pack)
• 10 x 3rd place – 1 Luminaire


The competition ends on  12/10/2014. Have a look here at the terms and conditions



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