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PayPal have launched a brilliant prize draw promotion that give everyone who enters the chance to win a year’s salary of £40,000. Find it at

Oh If I could win £40k I would take us all on our first sunshine holiday in 7 years. We would go to Orlando and visit Disney Land and make my son so happy. We would also go to Lapland and say hi to Santa. We would have new carpets in the house, painting all the way through and new storage. I would have lots of new clothes. J would get a new car and I would have a Brazilian blow dry on my hair! If there was anything left, Liposuction and Botox! Actually I would probably spend some, save some but oh it’s nice to dream. Also in my shopping dream

I would probably nip to Halfords for a town bike for me 

I’d buy some lovely Stationary from Woolworths

I’d get all the kids Christmas gifts from Toys R Us

At Nike I’d kit myself out in size 10 workout gear (for after the lipo)

Then I ‘d download some hot tunes to work out too from Napster

Dream shopping is fun!

You truly could be in with a chance of winning £40,000 by simply buying anything using PayPal, and the more times they buy, the more chances they get. Just take a look:

 Terms and Conditions of the competition:

For terms and conditions of the competition please go to Terms and Conditions of the competition: 

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