Our Unique Christmas

On the surface it may seem that we all have very similar Christmas’s yet delve a little deeper and we all have our own little unique ways of doing things.

In our home our unique Christmas properly starts on Christmas Eve, we visit my brother in laws where all the family gather for games and a big feast. It really is lovely and they go to great lengths to make  it lovely. later we wander to the nativity play at our local church looking at the Christmas lights  on the houses as we go.

night before christmas

We come home to hot chocolate and the Christmas Eve sack. This always contains new PJ’s and a Christmas Eve gift each. It also houses the lovely book The Night Before Christmas which I  read to the children. Then we gather round a candle which we light and we say thank you and a prayer of remembrance for all those we love who are now in heaven. Next we get out the little wooden nativity set and I tell the children the story of the first Christmas. After that we do the very traditional food out for Santa and sprinkle glitter on our front lawn to light his way.

Stockings hung, the children go to bed and we ready the room for morning with present  galore.

I always cook Christmas Lunch and it is always just us four and we keep it low key. We are all veggie so it tends to be nut roast with the usual trimmings and chocolate cake (the children’s wish) for pudding. The day is spent playing, calling relatives and being together. Not so unusual but do you have crisps with your main and cover them in veggie gravy?

On Boxing Day we see my aunt and write poems with clues to gifts hidden around the house.

On New Years eve we make a wishing tree and write our wishes on paper stars. Later we gather them up and put them in a special jar and look at them again the next year end to see how we have gone.

wishing tree for new year

So that’s our unique family Christmas.we absolutely love it..what do you do?

I do hope you keep warm and cosy this Christmas. Have a look at Homeserve and their  Christmas video  reminding us how important it is to ensure we are covered if our heating goes to pot!




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