Organix goodies – a taste test

Organix rice cakes have long been a staple in my kids diets and are usually what they have for supper with milk.

I couldn’t get my head around the  variety of different snack Goodies Organix make however; there are loads. Our box to review was an absolute treasure trove of delights!


Our little friend Charlie had the squeezy fruit purees and according to mum he LOVED them.

My two ate all the crisps up (but so fab they are healthy and I felt okay with it!)

The rasins nd apricots went down very well with little Sadie and she was pretty  much obsessed with the Goodie date snack bars!

The lovely organic gingerbred men were shared at our toddler coffeee morning and were wolfed down  and   the grape juice sweetened moon biscuits have joined the rice cakes as a supper time treat.

I love Organix no junk promise and the kids absolutely – across the board, loved their snacks. 

No added salt*oragnic8no artificial colours or flavours*no huydrogenated fats* = pretty fab !

Go to for more informtaion x


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