Nice tasting vegetarian vitamins for kids

Today – Nice tasting vegetarian vitamins for kids

It’s not been easy to find veggie-friendly and nice tasting vitamins for kids

A recent study has shown that 1 in 4 toddlers in the UK are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, but as you will know getting kids to take supplementary vitamins is easier said than done.


vegetarian vitamins for  kids


Nice tasting vegetarian vitamins for kids

Fortunately, Children’s Vitamins Company TLC has recently launched new ranges of vitamins for kids called Chewy Vites and Choccy Vites.

Chewy Vites, shaped like fun teddy bears, are easy-to-chew, full of fruit flavour and taste great. They come in five varieties:

  • · Vitamin C
  • · Vitamin D
  • · Multi-vitamin
  • · Propolis and Echinacea
  • · Iron

Bear-shaped Choccy Vites can be eaten or dissolved in hot milk/cocoa making them perfect for any time of the day. They are available in milk or white chocolate and with the following vitamins:

  • · Multi-Vitamin
  • · Probiotic
  • · Calcium
  • · Omega 3

All Chewy Vites and Choccy Vites are vegetarian and are free from preservatives and artificial colours. My kids loved them and are really happy to take them.

Hurray – lets hopw they ward off lots of colds and bugs!!!


The Vitamin D and Multivitamin varieties are available in Superdrug stores and the entire range is available at Independent Pharmacies.


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