You may have all noticed I have been blogging about my wieght loss programme recently and that I have been using a variety of budget methods to help me out. These mostly include walking, cutting down on portion size, considered eating and  playing footie in the garden.

I have been lucky enough to be able to use a couple of other really useful and slighlty more luxurious weight loss support gatdgets. One of these being the New U fitneess first personal trainer for the Wii.  It’s really fab…let me tell you about it. These are the highlights of it for me:


  1. Real Personal Trainers – . NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer provides professional guidance from Fitness First personal trainers – all of whom have an established track record of helping people to improve their fitness. It’s great to see really trainers on the screen not flat images…they give me lots of thumbs up when I do well and sad faces when I totally don’t get it!
  2. Choice of Exercises – there are 84 exercises to choose from, allowing enough variety so that users do not get bored. Providing 25 fitness goals for men and 25 for women, you can monitor and chart your progress to a healthier lifestyle. You can o a breakfast workout, luchtime  or regualtr and you can control whether you do an exercise or skip it. It’s amazing the control you have but you can’t cheat the post work out asesssment!
  3. Nutrition – nutrition experts – You Are What You EatTM created 138 recipes for NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer.  It allows users to eat different food every day for 20 weeks, preventing boredom of eating the same food, which can be a common reason for failure.  Users are asked to select their nutritional preferences at the outset of any program; these choices are then used to create a nutritional plan to suit each individual’s taste. This totally catered for my vegetriansim but 2 fussy kids and a hubby that eats later and never hwat we have justy couldnt be actored in!
  4. Time – it allows users to design tailor fitness routines – they have control over the length and frequency of any exercise. Routines can be consolidated to one session or spread over a number, providing sufficient flexibility to suit each user’s lifestyle.
  5. Cost– there is a one-off fcost which is a good way to return to or kick start any exercise routine, building on this as your fitness improves and finances allow.  All copies come with a free five day pass to Fitness First and the chance for a five point health check at Fitness First – redeemable online which is pretty fab !

NEW U FITNESS FIRST PERSONAL TRAINER for the Wii  It currently costs £25 from the fitness first shop

I have lost 11lb isn the last 5 weeks and have used this programme about 3 x a week for about 30 mins each time. I am pretty unfit and it has stretched and challenged me but not unbearably so. I haven’t need a babysitter and there are no ongoing cost. I have 59lbs left to lose. watch this space!!!!!


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