A new pack of felt tips

A new pack of felt tips is such a simple gift but always so welcome, not just by my children. I hate felt tips that have brush like ends, are really faint or just stubby points. Ick to old and broken felt tips

My children both still love to draw.

A new pack of felt tips

I have seen them go from drawing squiggles to simple house, patterns, shapes and pets to mandalas and more.

I have seen them develop fine motor skills, a sense of colour balance, imagination, accuracy and their own style.

Watching their art develop has been watching them grow.

I have delighted in this and oh so many pictures have been kept.

At 9 and 12 they have begun to lose a little confidence in their art an I find i have to encourage them more to draw as they worry more now about it not being good enough.

I keep them supplied in fresh reams of paper and felt tips that work –  oh there is nothing quite as fabulous as new felt tips is there. I also encourage them to look at different artists and different styles of art.

One of my favourite things about drawing alongside my children is the time we get together. Quiet, relaxed time just to chat together, be silent together and just really to be together without a direct purpose in mind. Quality time that I know is precious because oh how quickly the years are racing off.

Last week we received a lovely Bic Kids Colouring Activity Set to review


It costs £19.99 and is available from Tesco.

bic set

Oh such a lovely art set!
The set contains:

* 20 x Colouring Activity Templates

* 18 x BIC Kids Tropicolors2 Pencils Colouring Pencils

* 18 x BIC Kids Plastidecor Colouring Crayons

* 12 x BIC Kids Kid Couleur Felt Pens

* 12 x BIC Kids Magic Felt Pens

Lise has been making book covers recently. She made one of rainbow Gran for my story – poem about positive thinking The Ballad of Grey May which is now for sale on Kindle (£1)


grey may


She has also been making one for her own story: Dolphin Rescue (which you can see in the top picture.)  She absolutely loved the fact the white pens could rub out! In these days of wanting to get it right this mattered a lot.

I see so much of their age and stage in the way they draw.

Such a lovely set.


Such a simple gift, such a lovely gift and so appreciated. I hope as adults we still have time to colour together.


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