Nerf super soaker floodfire blaster

Some of our best fun this summer is when we have simply just played. Not the big day trips or the expensive trips to the cinema, elaborate camping set ups in the garden or open air theatre. Nope none of that. Although these have all been fun. The best times have been playing , simply at home and simply playing.

Garden darts, and boules have been great fun but honestly I don’t think you can beat the giggles that come with an epic waterfight. Oh we all love an  waterfight don’t you?

We have been reviewing the Nerf Super Soaker Floodfire Blaster

soajjer, Nerf super soaker


and I have to tell you it is absolutely awesome. It is super-powered! This high-capacity water blaster holds a whopping 43 ounces of water and can hit targets up to 38 feet away!

Oh I had great fun surprising my 8 year old with this! See how she takes off at run.

soak lise

The Nerf super soaker costs £24.99 and is available from House of Fraser toy department. It is pricey for a watergun but oh just so superior to the regular models.

Such good fun – just what summer holidays were made for, getting outside and having a really good giggle!


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