Make someone smile – Balance transfer your life

You know that epic feeling when you finally clear a debt. Financially, this can be achieved by making a balance transfer and knowing the increased interest is gone.

Feels good doesn’t it?

Ticking off items that have been on your to do list for FAR too long can give you that same epic feeling.

I was invited by Money Supermarket to choose someone to help clear something really important from their everyday to-do list, making them feel epic when the task is complete.

Charlie and Giselle are two people I know who deserves a little happiness. They are  loyal, kind friends of mine who have two wonderful, bright sons who they adore. One of their sons has autism and is a very lively lad.

Charlie and Giselle do not get enough sleep and their sofas get very well bounced upon by their energetic youngest!

old sofa

But they deal with their often exhausting life with humour and consistent and gentle love for their family. They are inspirational and they deserved a treat.

Lise sofa

Their old sofa was not comfy or relaxing for them … it had to go!

I wanted to make them smile.

With the help of money supermarket we replaced their bish-bosh-bashed sofa with a lovely new one that is wipeable and tough and looks good to but most of all is comfortable to sink in to after a long day.

new sofa

This may not seem like  big thing..but when you are so tired and work so very hard at keeping your little family happy to have a nice sofa that robust and easy to clean and looks fabulous is a big thing indeed. Definitely something off their to do list.

They were delighted.

Thank you Money Supermarket. It’s often the simple things that have the biggest impact and make people smile.

Over to you

If you know someone who deserves a little happiness, then Money Supermarket would love to help them tick off a meaningful task from their to-do list.

Simply tweet @MoneySupermkt using #BTYL and let us know who you think should win and why. They’ ll choose the most deserving person, and draft in the relevant experts to get the job done (in style).

Have a look over at Balance Transfer Your Life for more details and to see the other projects



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