My ideal family car and the benefits of car finance

I took 16 years to pass my driving test. I learned on and off from age 17 to 33. I took 5 tests and had over 1000 lessons. It’s not that I am not smart  I have 3 degrees (yes liked the band) and love to learn but I am not very practical. I am REALLY not very practical and learning to drive fuddled my brain in the same way working our TV does and don’t even get my started on wiring a plug!!!

Horses for courses and all that I thought and for a while I gave up thinking I would ever learn to drive. Someone suggested I try driving in an automatic which took away over 90% of my problems in one  swoop.

The relief – I finally passed my test! Honestly have never been so proud of passing any exam ever..hardest test I ever took.

Needless to say so far I have only ever owned one car. It is now 11 years old (please don’t do the maths.) It really is on its last legs and I think I have another 6 months at most.

I can’t say I am confident at buying a new car as last time I let my husband sort it all out. I was clueless. But now I am earning my own money. I have a better grip on my finances and I know what I want in a car so I would like to sort things out myself. I had a look at a really simple car finance guide


I quite fancy a Citreon c1. It s a convertible which I have always always waned and its relatively cheap and its small and nippy which is just what I need. Parking is still not my strong point so no big car for me just one big enough for my little family and local driving (haven’t braved the motorway yet. It’s only been 11 years since passing my test!

citreon c1

I need to now look at car loans and figure  out what is right for me and manageable. I don’t want to stretch myself too far and yet I do want a good car that will last the distance.

Watch this space. My little red punto’s days are numbered!



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  1. August 9, 2015 / 11:05 am

    LOVE the new citroens.

    Currently learning to drive (28) i started last january but with getting pregnant…dizzy spells and sickness i had gaps and then a 8month gap between stopping to have my son and then starting up again. It is hard! i think if your learning as you get older your more aware of the dangers. My instructor thinks im not far off so hoping by Christmas to have passed. My issue is reading the boards and being in the right lane atm.

    Good luck with the finance. Hope you get the car you want.
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