Does pregnancy affect your vision?

So being pregnant is not much fun for many of us it. I certainly had a hard time of it.

It bought me a bad back, swollen ankles, headaches, tingly feet, daily sickness, an itchy tummy and in the end the two most beautiful babies in the entire universe.

I had a friend who  looked amazingly glowy and healthy throughout her pregnancy and said she really did feel better than ever.

Lucky her!

But for most people they do feel their health in general impacted by their pregnancy in a variety of ways, including thier vision. Vision Direct have recently conducted a poll with Mumsnet about pregnancy and its impact on vision. have a look at the results of their poll…


An interesting infographic from Vision Direct UK reveals how pregnancy affects your vision.


Pregnancy and Vision Infographic, pregnancy affect your vision

Blooming hormones – they really do have a big impact don’t they. Really good to hear the impact is not long lasting though isn’t it and interesting to look at the various effects can be simply treated with eye drops, wash cloths and staying hydrated.

It is always worth asking for expert advice rather than relying on the huge wealth of mis-information that gets passed around when you are pregnant!  Oh I got so much conflicting advice..didn’t you? And then it just carries on  when your baby arrives!

If there are any concerns you should always speak to your GP or midwife for advice.

Thanks to for this useful infographic and advice.


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