My favourite song to drive to

today – My favourite song to drive to

My favourite song to drive to is “You Got the Love”  a 1986 single by Candi Staton and The Source.

Age 15 this was the first CD I ever owned! That was so thrilling I though  I was so cutting edge!

I absolutely adore this song it makes me want to get up and dance every single time I hear it. It reminds of my pal Jo. nights at The Irish Club in Nottingham – everyone leaping to the dance floor. It reminds me of endless weddings and it makes me feel really happy. It’s a roll down your windows and  sing along loud kind of song and I love it.

It is an uplifting, empowering song about faith and love and I adore its gospel /disco feel.

This is an entry to the Carcraft campaign to find the nations most loved driving song.

If you want to join in you can nip over to Carcraft to see what its all about or simply tweet @carcraft with your favourite song title and artist along with the hashtag #carcraftsingalongsongs – Alternatively you can enter your choice via the Carcraft Facebook page


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