British Summer Looks

Guest post – British Summer Looks

Wouldn’t it be great if summertime in this country meant you knew exactly what to expect from the weather every day? That way planning a summer wardrobe would be a simple job. Sadly over here our weather is predictably unpredictable. One minute we have wonderful sunshine, the next a chill has set in or the rain is pouring down. We have to be prepared for all eventualities. Layering is an ideal way to ensure that your look works come rain or shine.

British Summer Looks

British Summer Looks

The 9 to 5

Fortunately when it comes to office wear, usually we don’t have to contend with too many different weather conditions! Summer dressing for the office can be a simple shift dress or blouses with the season’s on-trend look, the pencil skirt. Pair them with a fine knit cardigan for when the temperature drops a little and add smart court shoes for a polished outfit. If your working day sees you having to travel to meetings then the perfect any season rain protection is the classic trench coat or belted mac.

Days out with friends

So you’ve planned a day shopping with friends but the weather has been distinctly changeable lately. Chic dark denim jeans are a great choice for any woman. Boot legs are the most flattering choice for most body types and ensure you wear them long enough to avoid the ‘dumpy’ look. A longer length will elongate your legs and create a slimmer silhouette. Now layering comes into action. Pretty blouses make good starting layers and you can easily add a cardigan over the top when the temperature is a little on the cooler side. If you’re confident that no rain is forecast then a gillet is a good choice as a final layer – just enough to keep you warm but not enough to make you overheat.

Nights out

Summer nights out often start as summer afternoons out. There is something about the sunshine that brings out the social butterfly in all of us. One minute we’re invited to an impromptu barbecue and then next thing we know the sun has gone down and we’re still having a great time.
For summer nights out a maxi dress is an ideal choice. Effortlessly feminine and comfortable, they’re easy to dress up with your favourite jewellery pieces and a pretty cardigan or tailored jacket for a more formal look.

If you prefer trousers then look no further than the on-trend length of the season – the crop. Smart Capri’s are the perfect solution to summer evening dressing. They look great paired with glitzy sandals and they work well with tunic style blouses and tops. A smart tailored jacket is a fabulous additional layer for cooler evenings.

Special Occasions

Weddings are one of the highlights of the summer but choosing an outfit is sometimes a toughie, particularly when you don’t know what weather to expect. Dressing with elegant layers is the ideal way to ensure you’re not left out in the cold or working up too much of a sweat on the dance floor.
A shift dress is a good choice as a starting point. This style usually offers a nipped in waist giving shape to any figure. From there you can add an elegant shrug style cardigan and also carry a wrap if you need some extra warmth. This is particularly the case in chilly churches.

With pencil skirts being in the spotlight at the moment, they’re also a flattering choice for most figures. Add a gorgeous blouse to a pencil skirt and you have a pretty, versatile look that will be easy to transform for the office after the big day. A smart tailored style jacket will finish the outfit



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