My (expensive) domestic blues

I live in envy of people who keep tidy ordered homes. I aspire to this. To live in clean, calm serenity would be so soothing to the spirit, I am categorically not one of those people. I blame the kids but honestly I have always been untidy, messy and a bit disorganised. I do try (ish) to keep on top of things but I get overfocused on writing or crafting with the kids (or reading and blogging! ) and piles of washing up and washing seem to materialise and threaten to take over my home.

I am the sort of mum who appliances seem to break down on a lot too. This is usually because I haven’t cleaned or maintained them properly, usually because I am rushing or got my mind on other things..

I had to change the repair service I called out when my washing machine broke because he statred to huff and puff and ask ‘what had I done this time?’ when I called. I must admit overloading, not cleaning the filter etc. are problems that I could perhaps have sorted out myself or prevented.  What a waste of money!

dish washer

Photo credit:  David Locke

Anyway fear not , before I make expensive call outs in the future I am going to see if i can troubleshoot myself. I have often been too scared to look at domestic appliances too closely when they go wrong or stop functioning at their best. When I look in the instruction books and come across sections entitled things like How to troubleshoot your Bosch  I’m often a bit baffled. But now I can simply look up  Bosch exxcel dishwasher troubleshooting online at It will allow me to state what is wrong and gives tips for loads of frequently asked quetions. How brilliant is that?


If it would also provide me with a housekeeper, cook and cleaner I would be totally smitten





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