Budget Fancy Dress for Family Parties

Budget Fancy Dress for Family Parties

If your family is struggling to meet the cost of day-to-day living, it can be hard to budget for a lavish birthday party, especially if one of your kids has a birthday coming up. While you may think that buying an expensive cake, enough food and drinks for you and all your friends and family and even fancy dress costumes might be beyond your means, by looking around for the best deals, you could afford all three.

Fancy dress costumes are viewed by many hard-pressed families as an expense they can do without, but if your son or daughter has their heart set on an outfit, it can be hard to say no. Thankfully, it’s possible to hire or buy halloween costumes and other fancy dress outfits on a budget. You might not realise this, but kids’ outfits can be pretty cheap to hire, especially if they’re young and small. There are also many special offers online through retailers such as Fancy Dress Ball where families can get a discount if they order several costumes at a time.

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It pays to shop around when looking for the right costume. If you look at online retailers, you may find that the prices they charge for fancy dress outfits are much less than those you might see in an actual store. It might also be worth looking at buying one which your child will want to wear again and again for different occasions such as birthdays and Christmases, ensuring that you’re getting value for money.

It’s also possible to make savings elsewhere on items such as food and drink, which will allow you to spend more money on a fancy dress costume. You could try cutting your own fruit and vegetables or buying supermarket own-brand food rather than branded products. By doing this, it’s unlikely that your kids will be able to tell the difference.

Photo Credit:  www.fancydressball.co.uk

To try and get some money to put towards your family’s next big party, you may be interested in entering Fancy Dress Ball’s monthly prize draw, where you could win £50 cash or a £75 voucher to spend on their website, and all you have to do is send a picture of yourself wearing one of their costumes or a review of what your bought from them. To enter the Fancy Dress Ball competition, just click here.


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