Mums: Making money from modelling (yes YOU!)

Today – Mums: Making money from modelling


Many moons ago when I was much, much younger I did some modelling for £15 hour. That was well over 15 years ago. I’d take that rate of pay now!  Yes, it was nude (but it was for an artist recommended by an art college, honest). I’m informed by a source who wishes to remain anonymous that a life model can now earn upwards of £25 an hour. Life models come in all shapes and sizes, too, and no one is going to worry in the slightest about your frizzy hair, stretch marks and saggy tummy.

Contact your local art college to see if they want a model for an hour or two a week. The money is good and they like people to look real, not airbrushed. Do be safe though and makes sure it’s a reputable organisation. You’ll soon get over those nerves when the money comes in, which could be a real boost.


Mums: Making money from modelling – Hair modelling perhaps!


Mums: Making money from modelling

Now, most people think their children are the most gorgeous in the world but then we are biased. If your child is a bit of a looker and it isn’t only you who thinks so, it may be worth exploring the world of child modelling. You do need to live near London or another big city really because the fees aren’t huge (maximum for an entire day’s work is about £250, attending an audition can be just £18 and that’s all before an agent’s commission). Auditions are often arranged with little notice and too much travelling with a small child will just wear both of you out. The rewards can be good and the shoots can be fun and you get a professional shot of your little one to keep.

There is a great article on about child modelling, which tells you what not to do and what a reputable company would ask for. In short, it suggests you don’t respond to small ads in local papers that make you pay for lots of photos and probably have no modelling contacts at all and that you don’t have professional photos taken at great expense. It suggests that you do check out how reputable a company is, ask to
see their model book, find out how long they have been established and see how busy the company is when you
go for an interview.

The article also suggests doing your own research – ringing the big catalogues, such as Next or Littlewoods, and seeing which agencies they use.

Local modelling competitions like ‘Baby of the Year’ can also be worth a go for the great prizes you can keep or sell. But do be thick-skinned and prepared for rejection.

You have to accept not everyone will think little Leah is the prettiest princess of all. Of course, they are completely wrong.

A few resources

Before your enrol your child or yourself with a model agency,
read this useful article:

Elisabeth Smith   0845 872 1331

Norrie Carr Agency   020 7525 1771

Scallywags   020 8553 9999


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  1. August 17, 2010 / 10:46 am

    When I was working as a Nanny, the twin boys that I looked after were child models/child actors. I took them to so many auditions and screen calls that I lost count. I can however count on one hand the number that they got, and these lads were consider to be very successful! It can be hard work, but it is totaly worth it.

    Oh and my sister entered a local competition for a hairdressing salon, which led to a proper moddeling contract…

  2. August 17, 2010 / 5:27 pm

    My 2 year old is currently on the packaging for Annabel Karmel Fussy Foods.

    Elisabeth Smith charges £175 (no assessment) and Norrie Carr £125 I think after an assessment. Kids London is also meant to be good. Bruce and Brown, Truly Scrumptious, and Bizzy Kids too.

  3. Becky
    August 17, 2010 / 5:55 pm

    Thats cool!!

  4. Sehrish Masih
    July 27, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    I am a mother of 1 year old baby boy. I would love myself nd my baby to get opportunity in modelling procession. Thank you.

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