Mum Hacks Review

Today – Mum Hacks Review

Mum Hacks is a new book by parenting author Tanith Carey.  If you believe in the mantra work smarter not harder then this book is most certainly for you.


mum hacks review



Mum Hacks Review

Tanith begins the book by asking has…..

being busy got in  the way of being the parent you hoped to be, gradually did chilld-raising start to feel like an unwinnable race against a stop watch, always in a panic, always late with everything never quite under control

Yes, yes and yes I cry!!!

She assures me I am not alone in this

There is no experience more relentless or all consuming than being a parent.

And that is precisely why we need Mum Hacks  – to make it all that little bit easier! This book is about freeing up the space and time so you feel less stressed. parents set the emotional thermostat in a home and emotions are contagious. Streamlining what you do will give you more space and calm and your children will feel this too. You will all be happier.

This is a great book for dipping in and out of, I have kept it in my bag over the last few days  and bought it out whenever I have had a spare moment.  The hacks are divided in to sections: play, food, holidays, mornings, homework, behaviour and housework as well as tips to look after yourself.

Here are a few of my favourite Mum Hacks

In the kitchen

Freezesandwiches in bulk, make and cut up a whole loaf and put  each round of sandwiches in a freezer bag. take them out in the morning . They will have defrosted by lunchtime,  (this would SO help me in the mornings)


The words ‘can I do some painting’ bring many a parent out in a cold sweat, if it’s a fine windless day let them do it outside….  (great idea!)


Parents of daughters with long hair will know the everlasting hunt for hair bands  have a range constantly to hand by wrapping them around the end of hairbrushes

Behaving better

Be a good role model put away screens completely at mealtimes and special times like bedtime.  (yep behaving better applies to us too!) Children definitely do what you do more than what you say!


I love these mum hacks –  there are many and you can pick those that suit you are your ‘problems’ best and give them a whirl.

Tanith has packed this book full of creative, clever ideas to help you parenting life run much more smoothly and I  feel inspired!

You can purchase Mum Hacks: Time-saving tips to calm the chaos of family life from Amazon


I hoep you have found my Mum Hacks review useful you can find more Life hacks for busy parents here


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