Mum and Dad are Europe’s Biggest Spenders

Mum and Dad are Europe’s Biggest Spenders

Well, it’s official! With an annual average cost per child of $438, Mum and Dad are spending more on you and your family than parents in any other nation in Europe. Christmas remains the biggest expenditure of the year, but with a growing trend to hire entertainers for children’s parties, British parents are now spending more than our US cousins at birthdays, too.

At has conducted some fascinating research into the gift-buying habits of British adults. Following on from Christmas and birthdays, the most popular celebration we can’t help but spend our money on is Mother’s Day, with British shoppers spending over £500 million last year, putting it £200 million ahead of Father’s Day spending.

But then, with women spending £89 per year more on presents for their friends and family, perhaps they deserve those extra gifts!

I always encourage my kids to save their pocket money fr a few weeks before Christmas and buy each other a little but thoughtful gift. I think it is so important we encourage our children to be givers and not just takers especially around Christmas time when they really do get so much!

Do you spend a lot on gifts for your kids?

Europe’s Biggest Spenders

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