The Move Back To Play Time

The Move Back To Play Time

Times have changed and our children are growing up in a completely different environment than the one we did. While we spent a great deal of time outdoors running around and being free, our children are spending more time indoors being entertained by screens or having their day jam-packed with activities. Though, we are slowing waking up to the repercussions of our busy, digital existence.

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Society on a whole is moving forward in a more health conscious direction. This is particularly true when it comes to our children. We want to make sure that our children are getting the very best to live a healthy and happy life. With our busy daily schedules, grabbing a quick and easy meal seems much more appealing than starting with fresh and healthy ingredients and needing to cook from scratch. But this has lead to the childhood obesity rate to soar. The increased risk of many health problems that our children face has made us as parents wake up to what we are putting in our body. Cutting out sugar seems to be the biggest health trend for our children. When it comes to natural health supplements, it is also important to read the label and make sure they don’t contain any harmful additives. This Research Verified review details the importance of what to consider when buying these natural health products that are all over the market. Knowledge is the power to making any change.


The Dangers Of Our Digital Existence

Screen time has been shown to have many detrimental effects on our children’s well-being. One study conducted by scientists at UCLA found that the amount of time children spend in front of their screens has a major impact on their social skills and their ability to read human emotions. This study found that a group of sixth graders who went five days without any exposure to technology did significantly better at reading emotions than a group of sixth graders who continued as usual. So while technology is also now being introduced into the classroom for its many benefits, people seem to not be looking at the cost this has. If children are now exposed to technology and digital media in the classroom or Whatsapp groups for school work, we should be reducing the amount of screen time they are exposed to outside of the educational framework even more so.


Old School Is Cool

With the arising awareness of the pitfalls of the constant exposure to screens and technology, old school play has made a comeback. Children are being encouraged more to engage in open ended and free play and not sit for hours mindlessly watching TV or playing on their iPads. According to Lego, play should be the main way that children learn until the age of eight.

Play fuels learning. It provides many opportunities for different experiences and active engagement as well as the potential to learn from friends and adults. While children play, they are usually talking and listening, even when playing by themselves, which helps develop their speech and language skills. Pretend play also improves cognitive development by allowing for more sophisticated levels of interaction with others. This improves problem solving and social skills. Even technology can have a place in play – but in a way to engage the technology, not just mindless viewing.


A Move In The Right Direction

We all probably remember the fun we had growing up when times were more playful and less stressful. When we didn’t have every second of our day planned out and organised, or when we had time just to be children. Studies have shown that children who play with their parents and friends learn how relationships work and develop better social skills. So while it can be difficult, it’s worth it to switch off when at home, for both children and adults alike. Interact with your children, play a game, let them take the lead. You may find it to be just what you need to relax and decompress too.


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  1. November 7, 2017 / 10:07 am

    I couldn’t agree more! It’s overwhelming how children are always on all these electronic devices, I personally think it’s taking over there young souls! Ah, when i was younger all i needed was a felt tip and an Argos catalogue. anyhow please have a look we have many old fashioned toys and LEGO all at great prices! Thank you

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