Money Saving Hacks for a Beautiful Home

When it comes to creating a beautiful home there are some things you do need to spend money on and some you don’t. Have a look at some of my tips for creating a beautiful home whilst saving some money along the way.


Money Saving Hacks for a Beautiful Home

Good quality soft furnishings

A beautiful home has to have lovely soft furnishings and a good sofa is certainly something I would advise investing in. But, have you considered looking at second-hand options to get the very best for your money. Check out facebook selling pages and eBay you may be able to get a beautiful bargain. If you have a young family,  sofas you can easily clean are critical so do bear that in mind or they can look old and tatty in no time.


Repainting your home

All homes look better with fresh paint but this does not have to cost you a fortune – you can totally do this yourself ( check out youtube for some top painting tutorials) But,  I would advise do use good paint and do as many coats as you need. This will be a worthwhile investment in your home. I would also advise keeping your kids absolutely out the way as you paint and give yourself time to do a good job.



An updated kitchen

A brand new kitchen can be a really expensive proposition and often isn’t necessary. Cupboards can be fixed and strengthened easily and inexpensively and they can be painted.  Worktops are the thing people see and that you may well want to invest in.  The Marble Store has a host of lovely, durable worktops that would all by themselves update your kitchen instantly and make it look brand new.

Money Saving Hacks for a Beautiful Home

Carrara marble worktop


Flooring that will last

Good flooring is a must in a beautiful home but carpets soon get worn out or stained with kids, don’t they? Once they are passed the toddling stage I would suggest good quality laminate or engineered wood floors. These are such a great investment…they work with any decor, don’t stain or thread and they will last you YEARS!


A great welcome

First impressions really do count when it comes to showing off your home. A clean and clear path up to your door, a hanging basket, a clean door with a  fresh looking welcome mat can all make a huge difference. None of these things requires much cost – just a bit of effort.


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Declutter & Tidy

Decluttering and tidying are CRUCIAL to a home looking good. Okay both require effort but the really good news is that they cost zero but probably have the biggest impact of anything you could possibly do!


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on Money Saving Hacks for a Beautiful Home you can find more of my money saving posts here


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