Modibodi and their new leak proof maternity range


Have you heard of Modibodi? It is one of those companies that just make me want to cheer!

It is an amazing and innovative brand that really takes care of women. In fact, it was the very first brand to introduce period and leak-proof underwear and swimwear in the UK and it has come up once again with a super practical solution to a pretty universal challenge for pregnant and postpartum ladies.


A leak-proof maternity range

Modibodi have developed a new range of leak-proof maternity underwear, to help new mums through pregnancy and beyond. Such a vulnerable time and not at all as glamorous as the insta-perfect world would have us believe.

Oh my goodness leak-proof underwear would have been so useful, I have memories of having to wear the biggest and most uncomfortable pads!  TMI? Sorry, but it is a reality most of us share.

Modibodi have developed reusable and sustainable maternity ranges that address the real needs of women during this time. The range includes an award-winning, leak-proof nursing singlet – perfect for leaks and feeding and also leak-proof maternity knickers – which will protect against light-moderate bladder leaking and postpartum bleeding.

How blooming fabulous and so much more eco-friendly

The Breastfeeding Singlet is available in sizes 10-18 and cups A-G with a RRP of £45, with 5% of every sale being donated to the PANDAS Foundation. The Maternity brief is available in sizes 10-18 with a RRP of £18. Both available here



Positive about our bodies

Modibodi wants women to embrace their post-pregnancy body and have launched a hashtag to support this across social media. What a lovely idea!

Their recent research has revealed some sad results that really highlights how UK women feel about their post-pregnancy bodies.  Over half  (53%) of the women surveyed stated that they weren’t happy with their bodies and felt pressure to lose the baby weight quickly.   This is such a shame. This is a time our bodies need to feed our babies and /or recover – we should be celebrating  them not

The hashtag is  #lovemybabybodi, and aims to encourage women all over to the UK to upload a picture of their post-baby body along with the hashtag, in order to promote wellbeing and confidence for all mothers. What a really visual and positive way to realise we all  have these post-baby bodies that are different to before yet just as lovely and worthy of celebrating,

Donating to PANDAS

This lovely brand is teaming with postnatal depression charity, PANDAS, to raise awareness. Until the end of October, they will be, donating a percentage of each sale of their Maternity Breastfeeding Singlet to the charity.

Isn’t that all just pretty wonderful!


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