Mobile Wi-Fi from Three. A mummy blogger review

I am not, despite being a blogger, very techinical. I don’t have an iphone, I only tweet from my house. I  have only just learnt to say wi-fi, I thought it was wifey! To be honest being sent a wireless modem for mobile Wi-fi from three slightly terrified me and it did stay in it’s box for a few days

Anyway I gave myself a stern talking to about moving with the times and got it out its box. It was very easy to set up really just charge it up, password your gadget and go !

Nect morning I dropped my little girl at pre-school and sat in a cafe with  my mifi and my netbook feeling very JK Rowling. Switched it on and ping I was online. I spent 3 happy hours drinking coffee and writing book reviews. A lovely change of scene.  My modem is so small it slide sin my handbag or fits in my pocket and has no wires no installation and no software.

Sadly my little review modem has to be returned (maybe a good thing the coffees were not cheap!) But looking ahead to sitting in the garden or the park in the sunshine, being able to get not only my nretbook but 4 other gadgets online whereever, would be fabulous. It works on anything Wi-fi enablesd so your freinds can hook in too.

Looking at the pricing plans they seem pretty reasonable and they vary depending on how much use you would want and how long you want to commit. It’s definately something to think about. I was very impressed. It’s small, neat, uncomplicated and powerful.

It  also releases me from my desk in the kitchen, where I eat too much. Apparently little pickers wear big knickers so maybe Mi-fi woudl be a sound investment against that!



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  2. Naomi
    February 20, 2011 / 7:18 am

    Well done Becky for trying it out. I like the option of working at home or in a cafe. Bizarrely I find myself less distracted at home although the fridge is nearer. Enjoy it while you can and maybe you should start thinking of getting laptop or ipad!

  3. Becky
    February 20, 2011 / 8:02 am

    I have a little netbook which I adore but would not say no to am ipad!!

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