Mindful Colouring Book for Kids and Adults

Mindful colouring

Mindful Colouring Book for Kids and Adults

Mindful Colouring

I am so excited to show you this lovely mindful colouring book. It is really unusual actually as it has pages for both adults and kids o colour at the same time. Isn’t that just lovely?

The book contains There are 12 pairs of animals, with a simple design for younger kids, and a more intricate one for adults. Isn’t that a great idea. It’s so relaxing and bonding to sit and colour together,

The wild animals included are:

    • Dolphin,
    • Eagle,
    • Elephant,
    • Gazelle,
    • Giraffe,
    • Hippopotamus,
    • Lion,
    • Mouse,
    • Rabbit,
    • Tiger,
    • Toucan, and
    • Whale

Colouring has so many therapeutic benefits but its also just simply great fun. I always think it’s a great way to get kids chatting and opening up about their feelings too.


 £1 / $1 of each sale goes to a mental health charity

      • Publisher of  Mindful Colouring

      The publisher of this book is Helen Neale who runs  KiddyCharts which is a well known and respected global parenting site packed with free creative resources – do take a look!  You might also like my mindful monsters review!


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