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Today – Amazing Amazon


Amazing Amazon

Over on my Family Budgeting blog I am about to being a year long project looking at well being on a budget.  I am so excited about this project. I will be looking at my health and fitness, weight, productivity, spirituality, relationships and happiness.

I will be trialling a gym, a diet, a pedometer and exercise DVD’s, listening to self help Cd’s, embarking on date nights etc, trialling beauty products etc. I will be looking to see where you can save some money whilst making your life  better.

Amazing Amazon

Books are of course always a wonderful resource; hours of information sharing that can be repeated again and again for just a few pound. I always buy used condition-very good from Amazon and have never been let down and always saved money.


Sometimes you save £1 or £2 buying second hand from Amazon, sometimes just 10 or 20p. Whatever the used price is stated at remember you  must add another £2.80 for postage then compare to the ‘new from amazon’ price. You can mostly get a better deal second hand.

I love that Amazon sells everything and that you almost always have the option to make a greener, economically better choice on their site.

Do follow my will begin later this week!  Do you  buy any books for Amazing Amazon



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  1. September 9, 2013 / 1:47 pm

    Yes we have actually sold a couple of things through the Amazon secondhand shop! Great resource.

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